Virginia Man Charged With Trespassing Carrying ‘Suspicious Bacon’

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A Virginia man got caught trespassing on his neighbor’s property with a gun, a mask, and “suspicious bacon.” When police finally talked to the suspect, Evan Patrick Cater, they smelled alcohol on his breath. When they asked what he was doing, he claimed he was just relaxing, according to FoxNews.

It is interesting to note that the neighbor had dogs, and the bacon was covered with an oily substance. They couldn’t identify if the substance was poisonous.

You have to wonder what sort of nefarious plan Cater had with the suspicious bacon. Cater’s plan was foiled when the property owner, Bobby Wood, went to check on his dogs because they were barking. Cater was found hiding behind the dog pen. Mr. Wood called the sheriff’s department, and Cater was charged with trespassing.

There was some controversy last year when Cater spoke out about his house being in a “no shoot” zone in Madison Heights, Virginia. Mr. Wood’s wife said she had heard Cater shooting his gun in his yard in the past.

We can only speculate on whether Cater had evil intentions, or was just going for a stroll with his gun and suspicious bacon. Whatever his intentions, no one was hurt. However, the mystery of the suspicious bacon continues.

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