Man Plays Poker At His Own Funeral

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Different cultures view and handle death in different ways. Some cultures mourn the loss of life, while others celebrate the life that was lived. In Puerto Rico, it is a growing trend to have a wake with the deceased doing something he loved to do in life.

Dead Man’s Hand

Henry Rosario Martinez loved to play poker. When he had a heart attack at just 31 years old, his family and friends decided to say goodbye with one final poker game. You can find the story, complete with a picture of the deceased sitting at the poker table with his friends, at PokerStrategy. Other strange funerals in Puerto Rico have included boxing, riding motorcycles, and dominoes. Puerto Rico isn’t the only place with unique funeral traditions, however.

Party On

Who says the party’s over when you die? Miriam Banks had a party when she passed. Instead of lying in a coffin, she was sitting at the table with a cigarette and her favorite whiskey, according to Mentalfloss.


Many people hire strippers for funerals in Taiwan. They dance on the caskets, and even give the mourners lap dances. They are supposed to appease wandering spirits, but I suspect that isn’t the only thing they appease.

Drive On

George Swanson was buried with his corvette. He was cremated, and his remains were placed in the driver’s seat. The car only had 27,000 miles, so it died an early death.

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