Couple Loses Wedding Ring And It Turns Up In Seriously Creepy Place

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Wedding rings are very sentimental, and usually very expensive. This makes them very difficult to replace. So when Reddit user iamclarkgriswald‘s wife lost her wedding ring, they started to search the house, according to i100.

When they couldn’t find it anywhere, they came to the logical conclusion. Their baby must have had it for a snack. The story doesn’t say exactly what logic they used to come to this conclusion, but it does state that the child wasn’t in any pain.

An x-ray confirmed their conclusion. The wedding ring was in their baby’s stomach. At which point there was nothing to do but watch and wait.

What ensued next was many fruitless diaper searches, digging through poop like an archaeological dig gone wrong. The Reddit user known as Clark Griswald was quoted saying “Crap happens, hopefully soon with diamonds.”

Their diligence paid off, and the prized ring finally turned up. Or out, depending on how you look at it. After what I hope was a good cleaning, the ring is back on Mrs. Griswald’s finger where it belongs.

Since Clark Griswald is the main character in the National Lampoon movies, maybe they can use this story line in the next movie.

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