BREAKING: Kanye West Def Doesn’t Like Fingers In His Booty

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In NSFW news, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West clarified on his official Twitter account that he does not, in fact, like booty play during sexy time.

If you’re not up to date on the latest Kanye news, here’s what’s going on: Kanye’s new album is set to drop February 11th. The rap god took to Twitter to self-promote the album, thereby inciting the interest of fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa. The latter tried to take some digs at Kanye’s album title, which royally pissed Mr. West off.

But First, Some Background

‘Ye and Wiz have some history together, namely Amber Rose. In 2010, Kanye and Amber ended their two-year relationship. Quickly thereafter, Amber took a liking to up-and-coming rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

Amber and Wiz ultimately got married and had a child, only to divorce after rumors spread that Wiz cheated on Amber with a pair of twins.

And though Wiz and Amber are no longer together, the three are still deeply entwined with one another.

Let the Beef Begin!

Cut to earlier this week, when Kanye graced the Internet with his presence and told the world he would be changing the name of his forthcoming album from Swish to Waves. Wiz cast some shade on the album title, suggesting ‘Ye’s new title isn’t respectful to Max B, who created “the wave.”

Beef, of course, ensued.

Never one to feel disrespected, ‘Ye went on a Twitter tirade against the “Black and Yellow” rapper, saying that if it weren’t for him, Wiz wouldn’t even be a father. In doing so, Kanye let his true feelings towards Wiz’s baby momma public.

Though he deleted the tweet, the Internet will forever remember those fateful tweets that incited Storm Amber’s response:

So when the model/ex-stripper caught wind of the news, she promptly responded in the classiest way, writing:

And although it took Kanye a sobering 36 hours to respond, his (current) final comment doesn’t leave too much room for imagination.

Petty is as petty does, and Kanye West doesn’t like fingers in his rear end.

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