Man Buried ‘Dead’ Cat, It Comes Home A Few Hours Later

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Mark Strong, a labour councillor from England, may have thought he was in a Stephen King movie a few days ago when his beloved cat Gus was involved in a hit-and-run accident. He took to Twitter, calling the driver of the vehicle a “scumbag” for not stopping, according to Independent UK. Being the conscientious pet owner he is, a bereaved Mr. Strong buried Gus in the garden.

Imagine his surprise when Gus strolled into the kitchen an hour later, but if Gus was in the kitchen, then who was in the garden? Amidst the joy of having his furry friend back was the horror of realizing someone else’s cat was buried in his garden. This is where the story takes an awkward turn. What would you do in his situation? Are you as “honorable” as Mr. Strong?

Mr. Strong took to Facebook and Twitter trying to find the cats’ owner, saying ” I have him buried in my garden.” Perhaps realizing just how creepy it sounded to say you have someone’s cat buried in your garden, he had the cat exhumed and took him to a local veterinarian. Apparently he was hoping the vet could help reunite the cat with its owner.

Perhaps Mr. Strong has found his true calling, reuniting lost cats and owners. Although it would have a much happier ending if the cat were alive when it was reunited with the owner.

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