Crocodile Found Frolicking In Florida Swimming Pool

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What are swimming pools for if not for swimming? Well, it seems a Florida crocodile had the same thought when he took a morning swim in someone’s pool in the Florida Keys.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office told the Associated Press recently that an Islamorada homeowner awoke to find the croc in his pool enjoying himself at about 7:30 a.m. A few of the county’s deputies, along with officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, showed up to find the 8-foot croc relaxing and floating at the shallow end of the pool – probably not too happy to see them.

The deputies and officers were able to safely remove the poor guy and provide him free transportation back to what would normally be his native habitat – most likely the Everglades National Park.

Any local resident will tell you that while finding a croc in your backyard isn’t common, it’s also not a rarity, especially in the upper Keys. A 2012 article in the Keys Weekly paper discussed the issue of crocodile sightings. The crocs, growing in numbers in the nearby Everglades National Park, sometimes make the quick commute from the Glades to the upper Keys across the bay. Who doesn’t like a change in their landscape, after all?

For more information on crocodile sightings and what you should do, the Commission’s website offers some tips.


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