Police: Man Caught Defecating In Stairwell — Twice!

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Everyone has their quirks. Their strange behaviors that make them an individual. If you have ever wondered if you are “normal,” rest assured there are people out there with much stranger behavior than yours. Like the man who went number two in a stairwell. Twice. Now that is strange.

The incident happened in Ludington Library in Pennsylvania, according to NBC News. The man went into the stairwell, and dropped a load. Twice. In an effort to identify the suspect, the Lower Merion Police department posted the video on Facebook. They have taken the video off their Facebook Page, but you can watch it here if you are so inclined.

The suspect has been identified, but the Police department hasn’t commented on whether or not he was arrested or charged with a crime.

When you think about it, the man has received a much worse sentence than jail. He will live in infamy in a YouTube video where anyone and everyone can watch him getting ready to drop a load in a library stairwell.

When he applies for a job or goes to the grocery store, he is known as the man who went in a stairwell, his private moment shared with anyone who viewed the police officers’ post or has a YouTube account. His family and friends most likely saw it. How do you look anyone in the eye after that?

There is a lesson here, my friends. If you are in a public place, anything you do could end up online, and once its there, its there. Just ask the man who pooped in the stairway.


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