Police Helicopter Investigates Screaming Woman, Turns Out It Wasn’t A Woman

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Animals can make some strange noises, and some can even sound eerily like humans. According to the Cornish Guardian, a police helicopter was dispatched to help a woman in trouble.

Neighbors heard a woman crying and screaming, and they called the cops out of concern for the “victim.” When the police helicopter arrived, complete with thermal imaging cameras, they found the “victim,” but it wasn’t what they expected. It was a goat.

They were able to pinpoint the “victim” with their thermal imaging cameras. They were relieved to find it wasn’t a female in trouble. On the other hand, the rescue helicopter costs 850 euros, or almost 1,000 U.S. dollars, to run and use 250-300 liters of fuel which translates to 66-79 gallons of fuel. That is a lot of resources to use to check on a goat.

The good news is that the goat, despite the crying and terrifying screams, seemed to be perfectly fine. If you would like to see further proof that goats can sound eerily human, check out the hilarious video below.

The goat now has its picture on the internet, showing yet another way goats resemble humans. You do one strange thing, and you end up becoming internet famous, or internet infamous, depending on the situation.

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