High Jinks: Paranoid Weed Smugglers Ring Police And Beg To Be Arrested (VIDEO)

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People call the police for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they need help to get out of a urinal. Sometimes they are weed dealers who ring to report that they are smuggling drugs across state borders and wish to turn themselves in.

Leland Ayala-Doliente and Holland Sward, along with an apparently hungry dog, were carrying 20 pounds of marijuana from Las Vegas to Montana when they obviously consumed too much of their own product. Upon reaching Idaho, they believed they were being followed by police in civilian vehicles and rang 911 to confess their crime. Sadly for this hapless duo, no pursuit was actually taking place.

In their confused confession to the bemused dispatcher, the pair also reported that they were cold and the dog needed some food. When police arrived, the men had their hands behind their heads and the marijuana was sitting in a dog cage beside the vehicle.

Both ended up in court on charges of marijuana trafficking. Sward received a light sentence and five years probation. Unfortunately, Ayala-Doliente didn’t learn his lesson about drugs and presented to court under the influence of marijuana, oxycodone and cocaine. He received a much tougher sentence.

Read more details about the highjinks of these weed dealers at i100 Independent.


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