Dead Horse Dumped In Road Near Elementary School

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A number of school children got to see one of their favorite farm animals recently. A dead horse was dumped on a road near a Houston, Texas elementary school.

The fact that the dead horse had possibly been laying there for two days may be particularly startling. The owner of the horse may end up facing charges over the matter.

Kids did have to walk by the horse as the core began to disintegrate. Many of the children happen to be animal lovers, and of course, the whole incident outrages many parents and guardians.

It is not a good thing if this incident happens to be a child’s first experience with death. The children involved were of an elementary school age.

The parents that were so upset need to watch Weekend at Bernies and realize that they need to be comfortable with dead stuff. To those individuals that may have been upset about the fact that animals have a life too are obviously never going to have a hamburger again.

This sort of thing happens all of the time. The owner of a horse can’t pay for the horse any longer because the rent is too high.

Horses can be too expensive to feed. The owner of the horse may feel like Kim Basinger when she bought that whole town, and then realized she actually had to pay the bill for the purchase.

Things to remember:

  • Don’t buy the whole horse when it is possible to get a dead one for free.
  • The fact that a dead horse is found near a school is way cooler than the average type of roadkill out there.
  • The kids are less afraid of the dead horse than they are to playing spin the bottle at that age.

The owner of this horse obviously put the cart before the horse in this case. It is presumed that the owner does not give a hoot about the horse.

There is no word on whether Burger King or any other fast food restaurant will be adding a horse dish to their menu.


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