Body’ Floating In Water Turned Out To Be Inflatable ‘Love’ Doll

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An inflatable “love doll” spawned a search and rescue off the coast of England. The air and rescue teams searched the coast of Newquay in Cornwall, England spent 90 minutes searching for the “body” before it was recovered and found to be someone’s special love toy, according to BBC News.

Ironically, the town was recently in the news for banning offensive “mankinis.” According to city officials, crime has went down since they banned the infamous “mankini.” Seeing the success of this ban, the city also banned offensive clothing and sex toys. Perhaps this caused some lonely man to throw away his special friend, leading to the search.

The incident started when a fisherman reported what he believed to be a body floating in the water. It is easy to see how the mistake was made, since the doll was dressed in pants and a t shirt. The “body” was finally recovered by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

The lifeboat manager Gareth Horner was quoted saying “While the doll may have been deflated by the incident we were happy to discover no one was hurt.” No one but the doll and her owner, who is probably bereaved over the drowning of the object of his desire.

Just goes to show you, you never know what you will catch (or find) when you go fishing.

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube