Sweet Old Chinese Man Invites Beggar For Dinner, She Abducts His Toddler Granddaughter

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In what would have been a kind gesture, a Zhongshan man invited a beggar off the streets into his home. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well as he hoped.

The kind-hearted man lived in southern China, and his young granddaughter was with him. He passed a woman on the street who was obviously in bad shape to come in for a hot meal. What happened next was unexpected.

The Good Samaritan discovered that the woman had kidnapped the three-year-old girl from his care.

How could the man have known that the beggar was going to become aggressive? When the man spotted her, she appeared to be a kind woman in her 40s.

The beggar, who was not named in initial reports, gained the man’s trust at his home when they talked for a couple hours over a meal. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until the man wasn’t paying attention.

The family swiftly informed the police, and the woman was arrested the day after the kidnapping. Thankfully, the man’s granddaughter appeared to be uninjured following the kidnapping.

The motive behind the woman’s behavior has yet to be revealed, and the family is likely thrilled that she was found so quickly.

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