Special Booth For Men To Self-Pleasure Pops Up In New York City

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Men are simple creatures. They need to eat, sleep, and have a “stress reliever” from time to time. New York City may be full of restaurants and hotels, but has lacked places for men to legally and discreetly take a load off. Thanks to the company Hot Octopuss and their GuyFi booth, that appears to be a thing of the past.

The GuyFi booth is in New York City on the corner of 28th street and 5th avenue and is nothing more than a phone booth with a chair and a laptop inside. It may seem crude and perverted to some, but it was visited by 100 men on its first day alone. With the recent success of the inaugural GuyFi booth, Hot Octopuss vows to expand their product to other major US cities.

There is a whole industry that revolves around men pleasuring themselves. First there were magazines, then came special toys and websites. The GuyFi booth seems to be the next evolution of that thriving industry. It is a simple but bold idea that can appeal to men of all walks of life. No matter how someone may feel about the GuyFi booth and its intended purpose, it is hard to deny that the concept is a “stroke” of brilliance.

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