Man Quits Job At Burger King, Steals All The Chicken Nuggets (VIDEO)

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Criminal or Hero?

It’s well known that fast food restaurants have a high turn over rate and it’s easy to imagine many people were discontent when they left their jobs.

An act of revenge in such cases probably occurs more often than what’s revealed to the public. Is stealing bags of frozen chicken nuggets an act of revenge, or an act of heroism?

John Alex Correa

John Alex Correa, a student and a former employee of Burger King is the one who claims to have stolen all of the chicken nuggets after deciding to quit his job at the Burger King restaurant. He even went so far as to publish photographs online of the crime!

The photographs show bags of frozen chicken nuggets inside a car with someone’s hand on top of them. What was his motive for providing incriminating evidence?

Loved By Twitter Fans

Twitter fans have been giving praise to John Alex Correa. Some consider him a hero in a battle against large fast food chains. Others were interested in the nuggets he had.

Criminal or Mad Scientist?

Later, John Alex Correa admitted that the nugget theft was an experiment for social media. Was he just wanting to know how people would respond?

There hasn’t been any response from Burger King and no word of any police reports having been made because of food being stolen.



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