BFFs Build Own Private Neighborhood So They Can Be Together Forever

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It’s a fact of growing up: you and your friends grow apart. Distance, work, and family obligations all conspire to make the closest of friends mere acquaintances. However, four couples in Texas decided to buck that trend in a very interesting way, according to this Mentalfloss article.

Wanting to be together forever while maintaining their independence, the couples decided to build their own neighborhood. They wanted to trade the hustle and bustle of Austin for a place where they could experience nature, relax, and recharge.

They chose to purchase ten acres along the Llano River collectively. Then they built four tiny houses, all exactly the same, right in a row. Being environmentally conscious, they built the homes with sloping roofs to catch the rain water, and insulated them well to make them easier to heat and cool. These houses are each 350 square feet, and include a bedroom, bathroom, and a living room.

The friends went a step farther, however, when they built a 1500 square foot compound. The compound is meant to be the social area for the couples, including a large living area, a full kitchen with two dishwashers, and six bunk beds for lucky guests.

Presently the couples reside in Austin, but they spend vacations, holidays, and long weekends in their private neighborhood. They do, however, plan on living there full time when they retire.

In a world where almost everything, including relationships. is disposable, these friends have chosen to make what amounts to a lifetime commitment to each other and their friendship. Their choice is as beautiful as the natural surroundings where their private neighborhood resides.

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