New Zealand Flight Attendant Fired For Bizarre Behavior

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Passengers on airplanes usually depend on the cabin crew to be cool, collected and organized. This was not the case with a former Air New Zealand flight attendant, who engaged in a series of bizarre acts whilst on duty, then later proceeded to sue her employer for unfair dismissal.

According to witnesses, Fitzpatrick failed to take food orders but then proceeded to consume a pie intended for passengers in front of them. When a hungry passenger complained, she berated him for daring to watch her while she was eating.

Fitzpatrick continued to shout and insult crew and passengers despite efforts to calm her down. She told several flight attendants that they were “useless.” Strangest of all, she entered the flight deck without permission to complain to the pilots about other cabin crew.

Fitzpatrick refused to cooperate when she was being debriefed about the incident and later went on extended stress leave. She declined to see an Air New Zealand medical officer to assess her fitness to work and she was eventually sacked.

Last year, Fitzpatrick failed to win her case for unfair dismissal and breach of contract. This month, her appeal in the Employment Court did not succeed either. The judge was unimpressed with her vague answers to questions and unwillingness to attend meetings with her employer.

This should be good news for all those passengers who simply want a quiet cabin and a snack rather than a drama-filled flight. Perhaps a full-body suit might help her stress levels.

Read all the details in The Age.

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