6-Year-Old Asks Dad for Allowance Advance, Gets Official Loan Rejection Letter

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It is a good idea to teach children about the “real world” and a Reddit dad did it in a hilarious loan rejection letter. His six-year-old son asked for a $20 advance on his allowance, which is in essence a loan. The rejection letter stated that he had insufficient funds and was regarded as a credit risk because he didn’t always do his chores.


The unfortunate kiddo was also informed that Dad Savings and Loan had checked his recent expenditures and found he had spent $80 in frivolous entertainment expenses since Christmas. Dad S&L could not, in good conscience, give him a $20 loan that would only encourage these unsustainable spending habits.

The letter stated that the boy could contact the complaint department to appeal the decision of Dad S&L. Of course, the head of the complaint department was mom.

You can see a photo of the professional looking loan rejection letter here. With many kids today just being handed everything they want, it is refreshing to see a dad trying to teach his son how things work in the real world in a fun and creative way. What makes this story interesting is that the letter is realistic, and any parent can relate to having their child ask for money or new toys.


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