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Wisconsin Judge Uses An App To Decide A Man’s 6-Year Prison Sentence

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We have all heard stories about judges handing out creative punishments for people who find themselves in their courtrooms: from holding up embarrassing signs on the side of the road to being subjected to hours of loud music, many judges around the country are getting creative with their punishments in order to teach lessons and…

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INTERNET GOLD — This Is Why Moms Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Text

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Imagine this: you are lounging back in your favorite chair with your pajama pants pulled up above that pooch you don’t want to acknowledge exists as you zone out to your favorite show. Suddenly, your phone vibrates. You sigh deeply, not wanting to outside world to exist in the middle of your worst workweek ever,…

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Senator Ron Johnson Is About To Receive A Buttload Of …. Well, Butts

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Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is an accomplished man. The Republican lawmaker is best known for issuing a cease-and-desist letter to and generally blowing off constituents, calling the idea of man-made climate change “lunacy,” and fervently defending oil exploration totally unrelated to his hundreds of thousands of dollars in BP and Exxon stock. Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin has…

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Huge Green Flash In The Wisconsin Sky Creates Meteor Mania (VIDEO)

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green flash

Amazing video footage has emerged clearly showing what appears to be a green meteor filmed in Wisconsin. The reports say the sighting was around 1:30am on Monday morning over Lake Michigan . The videos show a huge green comet-like flash that seems to light up the sky before it falls to the ground. Many people caught footage…

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Wisconsin Thieves Swipe $160,000 Worth of Cheese

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Some thieves in Wisconsin must have been pretty hungry around 12:30 a.m. last Friday night because they took off with a trailer full of cheese worth a whopping $70,000, according to NBC News on January 25.

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