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Ivanka Trump Discusses Human Trafficking

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While President Trump was delivering a commencement address to US Coast Guard Academy graduates in Connecticut, a roundtable about human trafficking was held at the White House. Attended by Democrats and Republicans, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the meeting was chaired by respected politician and human trafficking expert Ivanka Trump. The White House pool report…

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Blood IS Thicker Than Water — Nepotism In The White House Might Force Bannon Out

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With all of the controversy surrounding Steve Bannon and his removal from the National Security Council, there are many who speculate (including an ex-Breitbart executive) that the firing of Bannon could come at a steep price to President Donald Trump’s administration. And, with Bannon no longer his chief adviser and strategist, that moves his daughter, Ivanka…

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12 Beautifully Pointless Memes Of Trump

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Having almost the entire depository of human learning available in the palm of your hand, it is unsurprising that we are overwhelmed by knowledge and choose to look at cat memes instead. However, since the Donald became POTUS the gods of the internet have turned their hands from our four legged feline friends to the…

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Where Do YOU Stand On The White House Invasions?

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to ignore the massive uptick in lockdowns the White House has faced since the beginning of the year. And while the White House has had its share of lockdowns in the past, this comes as no shock to many who feared that a Donald Trump presidency would tailspin the country into…

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Will Ivanka Trump Support Her Own #WomenWhoWork Campaign? (VIDEO)

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In 2014 Ivanka Trump launched a campaign called “Women Who Work”, (coincidently the name of her soon to be released book) described on her website as: We’ve launched a new initiative, celebrating #WomenWhoWork at all aspects of their lives.The modern working woman looks fundamentally different from women in previous generations. For the first time in…

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Us Weekly Reports On Melania Trump – ‘They Never Spend The Night Together’ (VIDEO)

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In the most recent issue of Us Weekly the magazine claims to have an anonymous source close to the Trump family that is painting a very real picture of just how broken Melania Trump and President Trump’s relationship really is. Though the source, claimed to be verified by Us Weekly, refuses to be named, the…

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SATIRE: The Secret Life Of The White House Appliances

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Reporting from a secret break room in the White House. The appliances anonymously sharing what they see every day. The White House appliances see many things. President Obama didn’t need to be spied on, but President Donald Trump is doing shady things. The White House break rooms see all. Kellyanne Conway told on the microwaves,…

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White House Takes A Page Out Of Melania’s Playbook And Copies Exxon Mobil

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It’s really getting ridiculous out there for those of us who follow White House communications. What we read either makes no sense, is a total baldfaced lie, or is plagiarized from someone else. It’s just so hard to convince ourselves that this stuff is actually coming from the President of the United States and his…

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Keith Olbermann Asks The Question We Have All Been Wondering About The Trump Administration

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We wake each morning, and though you would think by now some desensitization would have occurred, our mouths immediately drop to the floor with the latest rantings, alternative facts, and blatant idiotic mistakes that Trump and his people are putting out to the public. Could we really have been duped into a White House full…

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Patriots’ Devin McCourty Majorly Snubs Trump (VIDEO)

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Devin McCourty, Safety, Patriot’s team captain, Pro-Bowler, and second-team all-pro pick for this year, has joined his teammate Martellus Bennett in the decision to not attend any Super Bowl party at the White House. With the way that the current political regime has pushed their racist rhetoric onto the public it is not surprise that…

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Ladies And Gentleman, Meet President Bane (VIDEO)

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“Bane is a fictional supervillain appearing in American Comic Books, published by DC Comics.” Donald Trump is a non-fiction supervillain appearing in American Real Life, published by USA Comedic Tragedies, LLC. In case you missed it, President Trump quoted Batman’s nemesis in his inaugural speech. President Bane? If only.   Bane’s list of super abilities that…

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Potential Candidate Cities Bid To Host U.S. Hunger Games (VIDEO)

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As President Obama’s lame duck period draws to a close and President-elect Trump prepares to take office, Capitol Ministers have streamlined the selection of a host city for Inauguration Day’s Hunger Games. The committee has accepted the invitations of ten cities wishing to take part in the candidature process.   1) Atlanta, Georgia The cream…

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