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Vancouver Scientists Discover A Complex Language Between Plants!

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In 1997, a study by the University of British Columbia, led by Suzanne Simard, discovered that certain trees—namely douglas fir and paper birch—can transfer carbon (used in the trees’ photosynthetic and respiratory processes) between them via mycelia (underground fungus). Since then, scientists globally have discovered the exchange of nitrogen and phosphorus through the same method.…

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Seal Jumps On Boat To Escape Killer Whale Frenzy (VIDEO)

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Off the coast of Vancouver, Canada, Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions routinely takes tourists out to the depths of frenzying killer whales. Recently, however, they served less as a excursion guide and more as a solace for a straggling stranger. In the middle a pod of 12 Orcas, Nick Templeman (the host of Campbell)…

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