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Merriam-Webster Responds To Trump’s “Heel” Tweet (TWEETS)

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On Saturday, President Trump tweeted the same spelling mistake multiple times. He misspelled the word “heal” as “heel” in a tweet following a “free-speech” rally in Boston. Trump makes the same spelling mistakes two tweets in a row. ūüėāūüėāūüėā pic.twitter.com/N5q7TaKk9i — Erick Fernandez (@ErickFernandez) August 19, 2017 Merriam-Webster, the dictionary, replied with the following tweet:…

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‘This Beach Is Mine!’: Chris Christie Roasted On A Campfire In Hilarious Memes

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In case you haven’t heard, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is back in the news for yet another bone-headed move: Christie shut down¬†beaches and state-run parks¬†because of massive budget cuts, then was found lounging on one of the closed beaches with his family for the Independence Day Weekend. He was spotted at Island Beach State…

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The Toilets Are Coming! The Toilets Are Coming!

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We all know that life in Russia can be difficult. Vladimir Putin isn’t exactly warm and cuddly, and people live with a certain amount of fear about what he might do next. But few people would have predicted the attack of the runaway potties. A couple of days ago, Moscow was hit with a strong…

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Trump Interrupts Landmark Phone Call To Assert His Heterosexuality

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For those of you who have not heard the news, Ireland has officially¬†elected¬†not only its youngest prime minister, but its first gay prime minister (also known as the Irish Taoiseach). Leo Varadkar, the son of an immigrant, was fairly voted to be the next leader of the country’s main governing party, ushering in a new…

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The Twitter Message Bill Clinton’s “Love Child” Left For Him On Father’s Day

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Alright, so no one really knows if the claims this man is making are true, but 31-year old Danney Williams posted a series of messages on his Twitter account thanking the man who “abandoned him” for “giving him life.” Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank…

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The Daily Show Opened It’s Own Trump Twitter Library

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The Daily Show opened a great three-day exhibit in New York City right across the street from Trump Tower. It showcased all of President Donald Trump’s most famous tweets. When asked if the presidential library should be opened after his term.¬†The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said: ‚ÄúYes, that‚Äôs true. Unfortunately, we do not know…

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If Every Shakespeare Play Was About Donald Trump, The Titles Would Be Hilarious!

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When New York’s “Shakespeare in the Park” decided to perform the play Julius Caesar this summer, they created a¬†real tempest. (See what I did there?) ¬†Casting a lead actor who looked and dressed like Donald Trump was just too much for the fragile ego of the President, especially because in the play¬†Caesar is done in…

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Best Twitter Rants And Reactions About Trump To Date

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In a political climate that has not simply become eye-bulging, but volatile, there is absolutely no shortage of people expressing their love, and hatred, for the current United States President. Beginning with the first official announcement that President Donald Trump would be seeking election all the way to this beautiful Memorial Day holiday, people from…

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As The Guilty Tally Rises In “Russiagate”, Trump’s Kids Could Get Ensnared In The Trap

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If you have no idea about the Trump-Russia scandals currently being investigated, then you have been living under a rock. At this point, it is speculated that 28 people within President Donald Trump’s administration, including the President himself, are being wholly and completely investigated for ties to Russia that tipped the election in Trump’s favor.…

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Wanna Piss A Guy Off? Just Agree With Him (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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Devils Sidechick

It turns out The Devil’s Sidechick @FeministaJones on Twitter is on to something. She has discovered that nothing makes a man angrier than accepting a compliment¬†from him with a simple ‘Thank You.” The Tweets came like this: Piss a man off today: Tell him you agree with his compliment of you. — MISSY ELLIOT STAN…

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New Mystery: What Held Trump On Air Force One For 40 Minutes After Landing?

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  As usual, President Donald Trump spent this past weekend away from the White House. As usual, he and his entourage spent their time (and our money) at a Trump property. This time Trump was at one of his golf resorts in New Jersey. The press pool reported that Air Force One¬†got back to Washington…

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God Responds To Twitter Bot Eviscerating Joel Osteen’s Tweets (LANGUAGE WARNING)

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One Twitter bot, Joel Dongsteen, takes the tweets of televangelist Joel Osteen and replaces the word “God” with the phrase “your dick.” As¬†Raw Story reported: “The famous Texas pastor with the bright pearly smile may bring thousands to Jesus on his televised church service each Sunday, however, his enlightenment doesn‚Äôt come close to some of…

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The Jimmy Carter Library Trolls Trump Hard (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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jimmy carter trump

Republicans love to go after former President Jimmy Carter, which is what makes this¬†trolling¬†even more enjoyable. Many consider Carter to be a true Christian. He won a Nobel Peace Prize back in 2002¬†for his humanitarian work because he’s a decent human being. Unlike President Donald Trump who reeks of white¬†supremacy. Carter even kept his promise…

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#SpicerSpinsMoviePlots Come Too Close For Comfort (TWEETS)

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The hashtag #SpicerSpinsMoviePlots came about after several blunders made by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer during the throes of his job. His job-titled defense of President Donald Trump’s speeches, unedited moments, and candid appearances have brought him to his knees in front of millions on national television with personal meltdowns over truths and the…

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Can YOU Guess Who Said It!?

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Let’s play a little game. We’ll call it Versus. The rules are simple: we pit the two craziest people alive against one another in an all-out Twitter comparison to see if you can choose which bottle of crazy the statement belongs in. The rules are simple: read the tweet, then choose which person you believe…

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12 Beautifully Pointless Memes Of Trump

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Having almost the entire depository of human learning available in the palm of your hand, it is unsurprising that we are overwhelmed by knowledge and choose to look at cat memes instead. However, since the Donald became POTUS the gods of the internet have turned their hands from our four legged feline friends to the…

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White Supremacist Gets Schooled By Muslim Lawyer (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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White supremacists love to use the phrase ‘radical Islam,’ often taking to Twitter to vent out their racism. They also tend to forget about radical Christianity. Not to worry, though. One Muslim lawyer, who was tired of being trolled by these so-called Christians, decided to give them an education. It all started when Qasim Rashid…

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Of All The Ubers In All The World Her Boyfriend’s Mistress Had To Get Into Hers (VIDEO)

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Twitter user @Msixelaa has gone through a devastating¬†life event all in the spotlight of social media posts gone viral. In tales as old as time ¬†partners cheat. In this case@Msixelaa not only discovered her boyfriend was cheating, she even delivered his mistress right to him. @Msixelaa tells her story through Twitter. She had spent the…

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Our Cup Runneth Over With Priceless Menstrual Cup Tweets

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Menstrual¬†cups used to be a fringe item used by a few women who were perceived to be a bit hippy. Happily, attitudes have changed and this is no longer an unusual way of deal with your monthly visit from Aunt Flo. Of course, as with anything new, learning to use them can be, er, challenging…

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SATIRE: Breaking News About Trump That A Lot Of Us Suspected All Along

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  Twitter, oh, Twitter! Such a fabulous place to share ideas and to point out other people’s insanity. The Huffington Post reports that last¬†weekend the social media site was filled with tweets about Donald Trump. Oh, I know, that part’s not unusual. But Saturday Night Live had¬†used an opening skit that featured the President facing…

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George Takei DESTROYS Trump’s Speech To Congress (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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George Takei is very well known for his outward expression of dislike for President Trump and his band of idiots. So, it should come as no surprise that after Trump delivered his heinous and ridiculous speech hating on pretty much everything except himself, Takei took to Twitter and absolutely destroyed him. As Trump spilled lie…

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Twitter Had A Blast Re-Imagining The Rainy Day Trump Photo (TWEETS)

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The internet is once again roaring over a picture taken of President Trump in a car before the joint-session of Congress on Tuesday where he did more than embarrass himself, show his heartless disgusting behavior towards a fallen soldier, and mock the Democratic party. The photo seems to show Trump reading something. It didn’t take…

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Bernie Sanders Trolls Trump On Twitter And Shuts Him Down FAST (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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It is no secret that President Trump absolutely cannot stand the enormous amounts of people that are coming out to protest Trump and his regime on a daily basis. These rallies aren’t just taking place in the states but all over the world as well. In one of Trump’s ever revolving Twitter explosions he posted…

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Funniest Tweets From #ThingsISayAfterSex

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There is a funny new hashtag on Twitter today, #ThingsISayAfterSex. Here are some of the best tweets from it: https://twitter.com/TheRealBobofe/status/835901129519161347 #ThingsISayAfterSex retweet to win iphone 4 — bobofe (@TheRealBobofe) February 26, 2017 #ThingsISayAfterSex no your dicks not small it's fun sized — Amanda (@faultinourbooty) February 23, 2017 #ThingsISayAfterSex "are you gonna bump up my grade…

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Ivanka’s Attempt At Religious Solidarity Backfired BIGLY (TWEET)

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After a series of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers surfaced across the country, the realization that the Trump administration was bringing the worst of the worst to the foreground dug a little deeper into our minds. It seems, however, that despite Ivanka Trump’s best attempt to show her caring via Twitter, her tweet did…

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Everyone Joined This Tweet Storm Roasting Trumps Terrifying Press Conference (TWEETS)

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Don’t¬†forgot that before the dictator in charge held a rally to pat himself on the back and make sensationalist false claims about Sweden under attack, there was the seventy minute press conference where he babbled…and babbled…and randomly threw in some fake news…and babbled. Not only was his lack of knowledge on subjects like nuclear weapons…

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Mark Cuban Throws Major Shade At Trump During Celebrity Basketball Game

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Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has been very outspoken about his contempt for President Trump recently. Trump, has also not held back with his twittertantrums towards Cuban. The two have been known the battle it out in Twitter land over Trump’s policies and his gloriously sadistic regime. On Thursday Cuban tweeted: It’s a…

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This Feud Between Piers Morgan And J.K. Rowling Is Intense (VIDEO)

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It is no secret that Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, is not too fond of President Trump or anyone that agrees with him. Even when it comes to her fans, who have started burning the Harry Potter books in protest against her views, Rowling scoffs. Piers Morgan, a British journalist, appeared on HBO’s Real Time…

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MN Police Use Justin Bieber Super Bowl Ad To Reduce Drunk Driving (VIDEO)

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If you witnessed the New England Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons in one of the biggest comebacks ever at the Super Bowl, you probably saw the T-Mobile ad starring Justin Bieber. In the minute long commercial, the singer, who is apparently known as a celebration expert nowadays, goes through the history of football celebrations with…

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China Is Having A Blast With This Trump Tweet Generator

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Donald Trump caricature

Twitter may be blocked in China, but that hasn‚Äôt stopped it from being hugely¬†popular. And in the face of a President Trump who loves to talk smack about China, websites that let users generate fake @realDonaldTrump tweets have become a national sensation. One such site was created by Beijing-based startup Jike. Within four days of…

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Trump Just Linked The Most Powerful Twitter Account In The World To Gmail (TWEETS)

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President Donald Trump gained supporters by bringing up national security. His opponent, former Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, was found to have used a private email server for business purposes. That makes him a bit of a hypocrite though, thanks to some recent findings. You’d think that tweeting your plans for global domination would make you…

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Joss Whedon Holds Nothing Back When Insulting Ivanka Trump (TWEET)

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Joss Whedon, director of Avengers, and nemesis of President Trump, held nothing back when tweeting about Ivanka Trump and her husband, now employed by the White House. Hey, keep your eyes on this fucking prize too. He’s a Voldemort in training, & unlike the Pekingese he married under, can play the long game pic.twitter.com/SNsuYdqlIp ‚ÄĒ…

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Imagine If Obama Tweeted Like Trump – Daily Life Would Have Been A Little More Humorous

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I think at this point we have come to except that our President, Donald J. Trump, is more worried about his tweeting than he is foreign or domestic policy. His tweets make him look like a spoiled twelve year old child who probably should have parental controls installed. Now, if we look out the last…

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China Has The Big Cock Trump’s Always Wanted (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump

January 28¬†marks the start of the Chinese Year of the Rooster, and China is preparing for its celebration in a tremendous way. After a 23-foot-tall rooster statue with an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump appeared in a Chinese shopping center two weeks ago,¬†Chinese manufacturers have been having a blast producing replicas of the cocky statue,…

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Mark Hamill Reads Trump Tweets In The Voice Of The Joker And Its Absolutely EVIL (VIDEO)

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Throughout President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign and even now, after the election, Twitter has been Trump’s favorite form of social media expression. There is nothing presidential about what The Donald puts out with his Tweets and continues to sound like a scorned teenager every time he takes to the web. If you look at some of…

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Someone At Wendy’s Is Hilariously Trolling The Haters On Twitter

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Whoever is working the Wendy’s Twitter account is a snarky genius.¬†It started with this innocent tweet: Our beef is way too cool to ever be frozen. ? pic.twitter.com/QuXECJtlq5 — Wendy's (@Wendys) December 30, 2016 Here is some of the exchange that went on after that: if you're having a bad day today, just remember that…

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This Mannequin Challenge Literally Beats Every Single One On Earth (VIDEO)

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Oh, you took everyone in your school and made them do the mannequin challenge? Oh, you had six of your friends act like they were fighting in a still framed mannequin challenge? Well guess what…your challenge sucks compared to this one. The European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet recently tweeted a video of himself and…

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Meltdown At The Cheese Festival – No Boobs Were Safe And No Cheese Was Seen

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London’s famous Borough Market housed a “Fromage-themed Extravaganza” on Wednesday where everything turned into a meltdown as chaos descended on the event itself. The event was first announced on Facebook¬†where more than 18,000 people said they were attending. Unlike other events where the attendees did not match the Facebook “goers,” this event seemed to have…

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