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STUDY: Conservatives Won’t Read An Opposing View, Even If Offered Money

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The term “motivated ignorance” has now reared to the forefront in a new study showing that Republicans will not read a view that is in opposition to theirs. The kicker? Many were even offered the chance to win free money to do so. The study comes from The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and its…

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Best Twitter Rants And Reactions About Trump To Date

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In a political climate that has not simply become eye-bulging, but volatile, there is absolutely no shortage of people expressing their love, and hatred, for the current United States President. Beginning with the first official announcement that President Donald Trump would be seeking election all the way to this beautiful Memorial Day holiday, people from…

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Apparently Trump Doesn’t Understand What Bipartisanship Means

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Before we get to the infamous babbling of one President Donald Trump, let’s define what a government shutdown is and what it does very quickly. A government shutdown is a process whereby the Executive Branch of the U.S. government enters when legislation cannot be passed to fund government agencies and operations. Why do these shutdowns…

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Gorsuch Refuses To Answer Questions From Senators – Takes Filibuster To 36 (VIDEO)

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Nominees for significant appointments are typically expected to meet with and answer the questions of the senators who will vote on their appointment. After Judge Gorsuch had canceled a scheduled meeting with Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth he failed, despite her efforts, to reschedule to answer the questions she has about his record. Senator Duckworth said: “I refused to…

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Trump’s Approval Rating Drops To Lowest Ever Amidst Failed ACA Repeal (VIDEO)

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36 percent. That is our current president’s approval rating. Every single president to ever come before him, at this stage of the game, had at least a rating of above 50 percent. And he has 36 percent. It happened just after the failure to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, but when the Republican’s pathetic replacement bill for the…

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Congress Just Stripped You Of Your Right To Privacy Online Because Murika! (VIDEO)

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Keeping true to slimy form, Republicans are now stripping your right to privacy while you are on the Internet. While the news media is doing all they can to keep up with the massive amount of treasonous and barbaric actions of the Trump Administration, Republicans have been quietly dismantling every possible law that protects the…

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Arizona House Republicans Vote Makes Protesting A Crime (VIDEO)

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The Republican majority Arizona Senate has passed a bill that fully buys into President Trump’s allegations that protests against his policies are all paid for by Democrats. The Republican majority in Arizona’s House passed the bill that makes planning or participating in a violent protest a criminal offense. Whether the protest was planned as peaceful…

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To The Women Boycotting Nordstrom For Ivanka – You Are Embarrassing Us (VIDEO)

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A video of several women, some holding a bunch of cash, and closing their accounts at Nordstrom has hit the internet by storm. Not only are these women making a statement about their political choices but also just how much the Right is clueless on what it means to support women. First of all ladies,…

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