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Man Tries To Help ‘Removes Transgender Woman’s Testicles’ At Her Apartment — Hint: Don’t Do This At Home

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A man from Denver, Colorado is currently being accused of removing a transgender woman’s testicles with a basic Army surgical kit in the confines of her own home. James Pennington, the type of person you would think to promote this exact type of action, is now facing felony assault charges after he admitted to the…

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Woman Forced To Carry Around Her Intestines In A Plastic Bag For 20 Years (VIDEO)

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A botched surgery, or any type of operation, can leave long-term effects on a person’s body. Many people are left with a disfigurement that can last them the rest of their lives. In some cases, individuals can recuperate after being subjected to botched surgeries, but they are never back to being 100 percent. A popular…

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