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Shock Find In Argentina: Nazi Items Used By Hitler Himself (VIDEO)

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There has been a significant discovery of original Nazi memorabilia in Argentina, shocking the world. The huge collection of Nazi pieces was found in a hidden room behind a bookcase in a house in Buenos Aires. Around 75 genuine articles have been found and the collection has many puzzled by how on earth they got there.…

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Was Hitler Was Off His Face On Drugs ?(VIDEO)

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Hitler on drugs

German leader, and white supremacist, Adolf Hitler, is a menacing figure in history that continues to shock historians. While he has been studied ever since the horrors he brought upon Europe in the 1930s and 1940s it seems there is more to his story. Many people have wondered at his speeches – he seems to…

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Man Dressed As Hitler Arrested In Austria (VIDEO)

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A 25 year old man calling himself Harald Hitler has been arrested in Austria. It has been against the law to glorify Hitler or the Nazi era in Germany and Austria since 1947. Police have said they arrested the man at Braunau in front of the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. The man known as the ‘Hitler…

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Hate Speech: Vice or Inalienable Right?

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Battle lines have been drawn. Already, activists, protesters, and free-thinking humanitarians across the world have vocalized their intention to RESIST the ill-founded and dangerous policies of President Dorrance Trump and the billionaires who bought his election. While it is undoubtedly important to defend against the threats presented by our newfound government, it is just as…

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Führer Trump’s Minister Of Propaganda Proves Incompetent (VIDEO)

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Wednesday, Führer-elect Donald Trump sought the sanctity of twitter to announce his enthusiasm for Inauguration Day’s pending promise to end his presidential pubescence. Before his under-endowed finger stub could practice his “NUKE” launching technique on the, likewise dubious, “TWEET” button, he was visited by his dear friend and mentor, the ghost of Joseph Goebbels.  The ghost…

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