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Naked Chicago Man Charges Officers After Cutting Himself In A Shocking Place

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On Monday, a man in Chicago cut off his own penis and ran around naked at police officers. The footage showed up online showing the man naked and bleeding and shouting at residents in the neighborhood. He charged at a female police officer. The person filming can be heard yelling “Calm down!” The video ends with the man on…

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This Amazing Spider Man Will Make Your Day That Much Better

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Sarah Hester, a professional photographer from Oklahoma City, has come out with a series of awesome photos depicting Spider Man without the spidey costume. The photos start out innocent enough showing Zach Howell, posing as Peter Parker but just wait, they get so much better.   Slowly Howell begins to disrobe but the emergency must not…

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Naked Man Rescued From Freezing Cold Near Pentagon In Virginia

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Over the last several months, there have been three separate incidents of nude men along roads in Virginia near the Arlington, Virginia/Pentagon areas. The cases don’t seem to be related other than the mens’ fondness for nudity.

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