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Scientists Think Something Is Under The Moon’s Surface… And Its Not Cheese (VIDEO)

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Scientists have made a discovery about what is likely to be under the surface on the moon and it is fascinating. The lunar research has shown that there are probably water reservoirs inside that beautiful sphere, and most likely containing a lot of water. The theory is that either water or ice impacted the moon before its…

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48 Years Ago Today: Apollo 11 Launched

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In one of the most recognizable pictures of all time, Ralph Morse captured the liftoff of Apollo 11 on July 16, 1969. This date 1969: #Apollo11 heads for the moon. Anyone who witnessed the fury & majesty of launch will never forget it https://t.co/5eWqDJ42M2 pic.twitter.com/DvHoknm8Ok — Dave Stubbs (@Dave_Stubbs) July 16, 2017 Morse said: “You have…

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Swimming Underwater On The Moon Will Make You Jump Like A Dolphin

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In life, we are full of “what ifs”, oftentimes, these what ifs result to a lot of discussion and possibilities. These discussions and “intellectual mincing” of facts are what gives us enjoyment and wonder when you think about it. A certain question piqued several people’s interest and was faced by a lot of theories. So,…

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5 Crazy What If Scenarios That Will Leave You Thinking For Hours

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We all have our own versions of the famous line “what if..” What if you took the job, what if you didn’t. What if you took the job, what if you didn’t? What if you kissed the girl, what if you didn’t? What if you were never born? What if your parents never met? What…

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Molto Bene! NASA Just Discovered A Space Ravioli (VIDEO)

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As surprising as it sounds, not everyone gets excited about science. For example, NASA recently discovered seven new planets that seem like they’d be hospitable to human life. Big whoop, right? Well, if that incredible announcement didn’t get your heart racing, how about this one? Fantastico! #Saturn’s moon #Pan resembles a space ravioli in these raw images…

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