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Melania’s No Fur Non-Statement Is About As Trustworthy As Her Husband In A Locker Room

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What I’m about to tell you now will make you laugh. “She [Melania] does not wear fur.” This is a statement from Trump’s East Wing communications director Stephanie Grisham’s email to CNN. Wait, what? I told you this is funny. So apparently, Melania is joining the likes of our former first lady Michelle Obama and…

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Us Weekly Reports On Melania Trump – ‘They Never Spend The Night Together’ (VIDEO)

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In the most recent issue of Us Weekly the magazine claims to have an anonymous source close to the Trump family that is painting a very real picture of just how broken Melania Trump and President Trump’s relationship really is. Though the source, claimed to be verified by Us Weekly, refuses to be named, the…

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This Designer Stands Against The Trump Idea Of Equal Rights (VIDEO)

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To add to the long list of designers that are refusing to dress Melania and Ivanka, Zac Posen, famous designer that formally dressed Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, and a host of other stars, has decided he wants to keep his image out of politics…by standing against politics. It seems to have come to the point…

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Melania’s Immigration Lawyer Calls Muslim Ban ‘Unconstitutional’ (VIDEO)

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In an interesting turn of events, First Lady Melania Trump’s immigration lawyer has said her husband’s Muslim ban goes against the constitution. In essence, it’s not what America stands for. The same America he helped keep his wife in. President Donald Trump, whose own mother immigrated here from Scotland, has a long history of marrying immigrants.…

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Melania Sues Because She Can’t Use FLOTUS Status As Cash Cow

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Imagine the uproar that republicans would have had if former First Lady Michelle Obama sought a financial gain. The role of a First Lady is to help the president serve their country, not seek fame in order to launch a line of products. Yet that’s exactly what First Lady Melania Trump wanted to do but…

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Melania Trump’s Birth Country Also Happens To Be Overrun With Puppets (VIDEO)

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Slovenia, the small Central European country claims more than just the President-elect’s wife, Melania Trump. It also happens to be extremely rich in a heritage that to some may seem a little odd, and definitely just slightly creepy. Ljubljana Castle, resting just above the capital town of Slovenia, plays host to generations of puppets that…

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Melania Trump Gets The WEIRDEST Compliment From A Designer

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Melania Trump, wife to billionaire and President-elect Donald Trump, has done a very good job at staying out of the spotlight since her husband won the election. One of the dumbest, but most talked about issues that is flooding the media is all over Melania’s wardrobe and style. Who really gives a shit who dresses…

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