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Tit For Tat: Texas State Rep. Wants To Fine Men For Doing What? (VIDEO)

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Texas parody law

In a surprise move, Jessica Farrar, a  Texas State Representative has put forward a law to try and illustrate to men how many women feel about anti-abortion laws. She has put forward a proposal for men to be fined for …ahem… pleasuring themselves. It is of course a joke and a “how would you like it” parody…

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The 5 Weirdest Sex Events You Had No Idea Existed (VIDEO)

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Thanks to the internet, we all know there’s a dizzying array of kinks and sexual subcultures in the world. Yet somehow, discovering the things people do to get their rocks off never ceases to astonish. From the charitable to the questionable, here are five of the world’s weirdest sex events — that we know of. 1. Masturbate-a-thons People do…

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Man Was Watching Adult Film While Driving Before Fatal Crash

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In an unfortunate report in Detroit from the Michigan State Police, there was a fatal single car accident at just after 3:30 in the morning on January 24, 2015. The accident happened on the ramp of I-75, where troopers can be chalked up to distracted driving, the number one cause of accidents.

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Special Booth For Men To Self-Pleasure Pops Up In New York City

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Men are simple creatures. They need to eat, sleep, and have a “stress reliever” from time to time. New York City may be full of restaurants and hotels, but has lacked places for men to legally and discreetly take a load off. Thanks to the company Hot Octopuss and their GuyFi booth, that appears to…

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