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Wait Until You See What This Gorilla Can Do (VIDEO)

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It is well known how closely we are related to the monkeys and apes of the world. It has been shown that we come from common ancestors. Over the past few years a certain gorilla has displayed an amazing ability that shows an even closer connection to these incredible animals. Ambam is a silverback gorilla…

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Hayden Cross Is The First British Man To Be Having A Baby (VIDEO)

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Transgender man having a baby

According to British tabloid The Sun, 20 year old Hayden Cross from Gloucester, England is currently four months pregnant and is the first British man to be having a baby. Hayden, who was born biologically as a woman, has been living as a man for three years. He had been taking hormone therapy and was planning…

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Move Over Turkey Baster – You Have Competition

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A man from West Virginia admitted he followed some women around at an Ohio Walmart. That’s not the sick part… He masturbated into syringes and squirted these women with his semen. Timothy Blake, 26, has done this more than once in the last two months. He has been arrested and charged with stalking. In November,…

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