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The Moment Everyone Wants To Throw Their Computer Out A Window

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Couples on social media. Everyone has them: those nauseating people on Facebook that make you thankful for the “unfollow” button. People who are growing up in an era where the word “private” is being replaced with the word “crunk” and the concept of conversation is being replaced with the concept of sexting. Our culture is…

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This Standard Before-The-Interview Question Shouldn’t Get It Canceled (TWEETS)

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In a perfect society, people could do what they want for a living without worrying about money. We don’t live in a perfect society. Nailed It Taylor Byrnes applied for a job at SkipTheDishes in Winnipeg, Canada. It’s a food delivery service whose name encourages people to order from them to avoid the after effects…

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Suck It, Young Earthers – The World’s Oldest Fossils Have Been Found

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A group of scientists in Canada have discovered the remains of some microorganisms. If they are biological, then they will be the oldest microfossils we have ever found at 3.77 billion years old. Matthew Dodd, a researcher at UCL Earth Sciences and the London Center for Nanotechnology and one of the report’s authors, said this…

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Some Of The Best Twitter Reactions To NASA’s Planetary Discovery (TWEETS)

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If you haven’t heard by now that NASA has discovered seven new planets in a tight orbit in the Trappist-1 system about 39-light-years away than either you don’t have the internet, in which case this sentence is pointless, or you are not a big fan of anything other than YouTube. Either way, this discovery can…

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