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5 Active Serial Killers That You Might Be Crossing Paths With

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Everytime we watch the news, it is impossible to finish it without hearing about a crime that was committed near you. Robberies, holdups, and even petty ones like vandalism are somewhat common and are usually forgotten the next day. When it comes to murder, though, every news leaves a mark on our mind, a mark…

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Seal Jumps On Boat To Escape Killer Whale Frenzy (VIDEO)

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Off the coast of Vancouver, Canada, Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions routinely takes tourists out to the depths of frenzying killer whales. Recently, however, they served less as a excursion guide and more as a solace for a straggling stranger. In the middle a pod of 12 Orcas, Nick Templeman (the host of Campbell)…

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Journalist Falls For Serial Killer Of Prostitutes (VIDEO)

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Kendall Francois

Kendall Francois is a serial killer who murdered eight prostitutes in New York over several years. He was eventually caught and put in prison. There are many unusual aspects about his case, first of all very few serial killers are African American, they are predominantly white males. Secondly, he murdered prostitutes and hid them in his…

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This Female Convict Is So Scary She Is Being Jailed With Men (VIDEO)

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It was five years ago, that Estibaliz Carranza (of dual Spanish-Mexican citizenship) was found guilty of murdering both her ex-husband and her ex-boyfriend. In a shocking crime, Carranza not only killed them, she then cut them up with a chainsaw and hid their bodies beneath an ice-cream shop in Vienna, Austria. This is how the ‘Ice cream…

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