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What One Woman Did With Her Amputated Foot

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Kristi Loyall of Oklahoma lost her foot to cancer, but she didn’t lose her lust for life or her sense of humor. Loyall asked the medical staff if she could keep her amputated appendage, and then paid to have it professionally cleaned, sanitized, and wired together. Now her skeletal foot and her leg from the…

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Breastfeeding Mom Strikes Back At Trolls Calling Her ‘Gross’ (VIDEO)

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Nadine Muller, a registered nurse, fitness instructor, and mom, has decided to fight back against trolls who are shaming, not just her, but other breastfeeding moms. Muller has been joyfully posting pictures of her breastfeeding her now 16-month-old son, Madden, because the experience has been both joyful and stressful for her as a mother. Though…

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Jay Z And Beyonce Just Made A MAJOR Baby Announcement

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The famous couple and musical superstars, Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z just announced via Instagram that they are expecting, not one, but two new babies. The duo already has one beautiful little girl named Blue Ivy but they are now expanding by two. Beyonce looks absolutely stunning, as usual, with her growing baby belly in…

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This Cancer Survivor Is Instagramming Her Amputated Foot, And It’s Hilarious

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Instagramer @onefootwander

Kristi Loyall kicked cancer’s ass, no bones about it. Well, maybe some bones — after her foot was amputated in April 2016 due to a cancerous lump, this Instagrammer had the clever (and more than a little horrifying) idea of taking her amputated appendage home with her. Ever since, the limb has been going on…

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Jeremy Meeks Completely Changed His Life And You Won’t Believe How Amazing He Looks

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This guys mugshot landed him various modeling opportunities. His mugshot went viral on the internet in 2016, thanks to women everywhere sharing the photo. People seemed infatuated by his looks sharing the mugshot along with comments over his sparkling eyes and chiseled features. The photo was spread so much that modeling agencies took notice and…

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Hugh Jackman Jabs Back At Ryan Reynolds And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

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There has constantly been friendly banter back and forth between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, especially in the Dead Pool movies where Ryan Reynolds stars as, none other than, Dead Pool himself. Up until now, however, Hugh Jackman has kept relatively quiet with the comebacks. He broke that silence over Instagram by posting a hilarious…

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WATCH These Two Furry Menaces Battle The Great Yoda (VIDEO)

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Star Wars, “Rogue One” hasn’t hit the big screen yet but with so many trailers, memorabilia, and amazing YouTube videos we are all chomping at the bit. But Fear Not!! An amazing video has hit the internet and it showing Yoda’s fearlessness in the face of battle, his mad skills with a lightsaber, and truly…

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Holy Mother Of England, These ‘TrumpQueen’ Face Swaps Are Brilliant

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If the internet couldn’t get any funnier, some brilliant asshole is swapping the Queen of England’s face for President-elect Donald Trump’s face and it is freaking hilarious. The images are photo-shopped and both hilarious and disturbing at the same time. I truly feel sorry for Queen Elizabeth II having to share her body with such…

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Screw Gender Bias – Put Those Nipples On Display!

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It is no secret that there is a severe gender bias when it comes to nudity and social media. Actually, if you think about it, there is a societal gender bias towards nudity as a whole. How many times have we heard stories about a woman’s pic being taken down because it shows “too much…

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