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Furry German Animal Dominates At Connect Four

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A coati is an adorable mammal that can be found all across Latin America, from Mexico down to Brazil. A relative of the raccoon, coatis are known for their high intelligence. One coati named Sunny, who currently lives with a private citizen in the German capital of Berlin, certainly proves that theory. According to reports,…

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Führer Trump’s Minister Of Propaganda Proves Incompetent (VIDEO)

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Wednesday, Führer-elect Donald Trump sought the sanctity of twitter to announce his enthusiasm for Inauguration Day’s pending promise to end his presidential pubescence. Before his under-endowed finger stub could practice his “NUKE” launching technique on the, likewise dubious, “TWEET” button, he was visited by his dear friend and mentor, the ghost of Joseph Goebbels.  The ghost…

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Find Your Inner Social Spirituality With Beer Yoga (VIDEO)

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Yoga is definitely one of the most popular ways to stay healthy and find that inner spiritual connection you lack in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But, if you are looking for something a little more social that you can do but still reap the benefits the new fad of beer yoga might…

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German Politician Claims Poor Elderly Should Receive Prostitutes (VIDEO)

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Politicians across the world are always interested in making a name for themselves. One way is to propose new legislation aimed at tackling an obvious issue. Elisabeth Scharfenberg, the spokesperson f0r the Age and Care policy for the Green Party in Germany, recently told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that:  “Funding for sexual assistance is conceivable for…

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Man Wakes Up To Discover A Brick Wall In Place Of His Door (VIDEO)

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Brick Wall

Prank culture has come a long way from the days of prank calls, Candid Camera, and Punk’d. YouTube prank videos have become massively popular, with hijinks ranging from the mild to the malicious filling our news feeds, generating millions of views, and even leading to the occasional arrest. High-profile prank channels such as PrankvsPrank and…

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