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A Weird Holiday Statue Literally Holds The Town’s Essence In Her Hand

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In the lovely country town of South Norwood, London there is a glow emanating from the gardens in an attempt to celebrate this holiday season. As your eyes catch the blue shimmering lights you wonder, could it be the North Star? Could It be the flashing fire of the Menorah? Could it even be Jesus…

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You Too Could Live In A House That Smells Like Chicken

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Every year I light that one special candle that brings back memories of decorating Christmas trees baking cookies and waiting for Santa but I never imagined a candle that could bring back so much more. How could you ask for anything better than a candle specially made by the chicken masters themselves, Kentucky Fried Chicken?…

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Yuck! Woman Finds Giblets, Hair In KFC Chicken Meal

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When you go to eat at KFC, you are expecting hot fried chicken right? You want to take a bite of that juicy chicken with all 21 herbs and spices available to your taste buds. Imagine what it is like to take a big bite of chicken only to taste something vile and disgusting? Cassandra…

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