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Was Hitler Was Off His Face On Drugs ?(VIDEO)

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Hitler on drugs

German leader, and white supremacist, Adolf Hitler, is a menacing figure in history that continues to shock historians. While he has been studied ever since the horrors he brought upon Europe in the 1930s and 1940s it seems there is more to his story. Many people have wondered at his speeches – he seems to…

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Forget Roses: This Marijuana Bouquet Is True Romance

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Listen, we all know that chocolates and roses are overrated and played out. Your significant other probably isn’t going to be upset about getting yet another box of truffles to devour, but wouldn’t you rather give something actually interesting and surprising rather than a gift that screams “I’m doing this totally out of obligation.” Valentine’s Day may…

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Keith Olbermann Asks The Question We Have All Been Wondering About The Trump Administration

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We wake each morning, and though you would think by now some desensitization would have occurred, our mouths immediately drop to the floor with the latest rantings, alternative facts, and blatant idiotic mistakes that Trump and his people are putting out to the public. Could we really have been duped into a White House full…

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According To Trump We Are WAY Overpaying For Drugs And We Don’t Mean Rx (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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During one of President Trump’s most recent press conferences he went on and on…and on…and on… about how terrible the media is for telling the stories he doesn’t want the public to know. But in a small reprieve from being blasted we were also lectured on the drug epidemic that Trump acts like is a…

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Heroin Dealers Have A New American President Mascot For Their Drug Packaging

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It would appear that not everyone feels the Trump brand is toxic when it comes to marketing. Hernando County Sherriff’s Department in Florida made a drug bust on 27th January that resulted in the seizure of 5,500 single doses of heroin, all in individually wrapped envelopes. What makes this bust different is that the face on…

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Snapchat Is The New Burner Phone

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For a second, selling drugs over Snapchat sounds like an ingenious idea. You snap a photo of your goods, send it to your prospective clients, and once they view it – poof – the evidence is gone. But if you think about it for about two seconds longer, you remember that Snapchat can be screenshot…

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Wait… Dolphins Are How Smart?? (VIDEO)

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Dolphins are smart. That’s not headlining news. What might be, however, is just how smart they are. Everyday characters know fundamental things about dolphins. We know they are social creatures. We know they hunt together. We know they warn each other of predators. We know they work in groups to raise offspring. But just how…

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Elsa From Frozen Used In Meth Addiction Ads In Montana (VIDEO)

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While methamphetamine can be medically prescribed at a low dosage, many people have abused the drug for decades. Constant use of it also leads to meth mouth, which is not a pleasant site on a first date. The drug has been the topic of films such as Winter’s Bone and Salton Sea. Queen Elsa of…

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Tased And Confused: Arizona Man Discovers Weed Still Illegal After Front Yard Arrest (VIDEO)

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Mugshot of Lon Victor Post

Nothing beats kicking back in the front yard, jamming out and enjoying an innocent toke — except when you forget that marijuana is still illegal in your state, and find yourself in the back of a squad car instead of high on cloud nine. That’s what happened to Lon Victor Post, 54, last Wednesday. The…

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Terrified Of The Dentist? This New Drug Just Might Eliminate The Need (VIDEO)

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I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys a trip to the dentist. It’s a really common fear amongst people: a stranger delving into your mouth, tapping your teeth with metal utensils, injecting you with a horror-film-like needle and ripping your bones out of – arguably – the most useful thing you own. Of course, there…

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Smugglers Come Up With A Very Pretty Way To Distribute Meth

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Some drug-smugglers in Columbus, New Mexico, got in some big trouble trying to cross the border. They brought back some very special dreamcatchers from Mexico. There were 1.6 pounds of methamphetamine found inside of the rings on the dreamcatchers. The drugs were found in rubber tubes attached to the pieces of art. It was one…

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