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A Navy SEAL Reveals What To Do If You Are Attacked By A Dog (VIDEO)

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In the last decade, the number of dog attacks has increased by 76 percent. A Navy SEAL reveals some great tips to protect yourself if you are in this situation. Above all, protect yourself however you can. 1. Guard Yourself Do everything you can to protect yourself if a dog is trying to attack you.…

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Are You Sure You Are Their Bestfriend? 5 Facts You Might Not Know About Your Dog

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Dogs are just like us; they experience happiness, sadness, and even jealousy. Just like humans, they can easily turn from a friendly best friend to a creepy and scary creature. A group of researchers started studying 38 dogs from 16 different breeds which focused on how these dogs will behave when their pet-owners deviate their…

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Abandoned Dog Gets His First Job, And He’s A Star (VIDEO)

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It happened at a gas station in Mogi Das Cruzes, Brazil. One night the owners of the station noticed a black labrador retriever wandering around outside. He appeared to be lost, but was staying near the station. Owner Sabrina Plannerer realized that the dog had been abandoned by his owners, and was hanging near the…

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Georgia Vet Clinic Takes Shot At Tom Brady And Makes Sure You Neuter Your Pets (VIDEO)

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A Georgia veterinary clinic took a ballsy approach when creating their road signage to show their support for both the Atlanta Falcons in the last Super Bowl, and spaying and neutering your pets. Case Animal Clinic is one of the most trusted vet clinics in the state and a supporter of the Falcons. Obviously this…

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Countless Mastiffs Slaughtered In Beijing

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Imagine the most divine, prestigious dog with luscious fur and an ominous presence. You are probably thinking of a Tibetan mastiff. Mastiffs are independent and intelligent. They have a low, gravelly bark and fur that keeps them through long winters. They are fierce and beautiful like a jungle cat, yet reserved and loving like a…

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