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Scientists Think Something Is Under The Moon’s Surface… And Its Not Cheese (VIDEO)

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Scientists have made a discovery about what is likely to be under the surface on the moon and it is fascinating. The lunar research has shown that there are probably water reservoirs inside that beautiful sphere, and most likely containing a lot of water. The theory is that either water or ice impacted the moon before its…

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Guess Who The Ancient Egyptians Really Were? The Mummy DNA Tests Are In! (VIDEO)

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For the first time, scientists have managed to sequence the DNA from some ancient mummified human remains in Egypt. These people lived thousands of years ago and were meticulously mummified – to the point where modern science does not fully understand how they were able to achieve this. Well the results of the DNA tests are…

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Is This An Alien Reptile Photographed On Mars? (VIDEO)

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reptile alien

In strange footage it has been noticed that a reptile-like alien may have been photographed on Mars. The footage shows a thorny like creature that appears to have horn like ears. YouTuber ArtAlienTV – Mars ZOO narrates a video discussing the curious discovery and he names it the “one inch alien”. In the video he analyzes…

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