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You Won’t Believe What This Artist Made With Balloons

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Champion balloon artist, Mark Verge, has made a sculpture of a tyrannosaurus rex out of 700 balloons. He performs at children’s parties, and he also makes puppets as well. You can check out some more of his work, here. From his website: “Jungle Jack’s balloon creations add a fun kind of wow factor to any…

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T. Rex Engagement Photos Prove That Love Is Not Extinct

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The engagement photo is a timeless image which portrays the love and affection that a couple has for one another usually with a slick backdrop to truly seal the moment before they are married. However, as a pair of love struck dinosaurs has proven, these images can also be a unique way to express one’s creativity.…

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Gigantic Alligator In Florida Makes Tourists Feel Prehistoric (VIDEO)

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A group of tourists in Lakeland, FL this past weekend got quite the treat: they attended their very own version of Jurassic Park!  In the video featured below, there appears to be four onlookers gazing in awe at the over-sized gator in its natural element. These bold tourists went on to capture pictures of the ‘gatorsaur’…

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