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Is AI Smart Enough To Remember To Detect Dementia?

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New advancements in technology may allow doctors to be able to figure out who will get dementia using AI. This could give patients insight years in advance. A study found that artificial intelligence and big data could be used to predict dementia up to two years in advance. They used PET scans of people at…

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Sleep, School And Your Risk Of Getting Dementia

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As we get on in years, a lot of us worry about the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.┬áMy friends and I have all started taking fish oil, doing our crossword puzzles and taking regular walks. NO one wants to run the risk of the terrible losses that go with developing…

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Molto Bene! Look What Can Keep Your Brain Young

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With every birthday, we all realize that we are inching closer to the down side of the hill. Most of us realize around age 40 or so that we don’t see as well as we used to. We start wondering why all the young people mumble these days. And we all feel that little jolt…

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