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What Was The Fate Of This ‘Utter B*stard Of A Cat?’

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Animal shelters usually write cute and endearing descriptions of their residents, sharing their likes and dislikes and quirks of their personalities. An Austrailian organization, Cats Of Melbourne, is no different, except in the case of “Lord Bigglesworth” where they dropped the cute and endearing part and replaced it with brutally honest and terrifying. According to the…

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A Third of Brits Plan On Staying Home On Friday The 13th (VIDEO)

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According to a survey reported by the hospitality company, Travelodge, a full one-third of all British citizens say that they will alter their daily routine because of Friday the 13th, the traditional day and number of bad luck. After surveying 2,500 British adults, 74 percent admitted to the fact that they prefer to stay home and avoid…

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