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Australian Man Checked Just One HILARIOUS Item As His Entire Luggage For A Flight (VIDEO)

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When on holiday, most people pack the essentials, clothes, underwear, maybe deodorant, toothbrush, the usual stuff. Well meet Dean, an Aussie bloke with different priorities. Dean recently took an internal Australian flight from Melbourne to Perth and his only piece of luggage? One can of Emu Export lager – that’s right a beer. The solitary…

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This Pipeline Construction In Belgium Is NOT What You Think

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You’d be surprised at what extent people are willing to go to just to get what they want. Now if the people wants beer, and you have a restaurant that offers that, then why not give it to them, right? This is exactly what Xavier Vanneste, owner of Halve De Maan Brewery in Belguim. In…

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Could You Swallow A Recycled Beer? Ew! (VIDEO)

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A new beer called Full Circle Pale Ale has just been created and it has a secret ingredient. We have all seen dogs drink from the toilet bowl and sure it looks revolting, but they seem to survive. Well perhaps that could have inspired a San Diego brewer to come up with beer made from recycled…

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San Diego Produces Green Sewage Brewage – How About A Pint?

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With the art of beer making growing ever more diverse, many breweries are exploring new ways to re-imagine the way the timeless drink is made. However, Stone Brewery located in San Diego California, has unveiled an unorthodox method of making beer that might also signal a greener future for the industry as a whole. A…

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A Pint Of Beer Randomly Explodes In Pub Goer’s Face (Video)

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The Exploding Pint Glass sounds like an excellent name for a British pub. However, for one unlucky “punter” (British slang for a customer), his pint of Carling lager literally exploded without cause. According to Dave McGinnis, the landlord and proprietor of The Derby Arms pub in Knowsley, Merseyside, he did not immediately believe the customer’s…

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This Fisher Price ‘Happy Hour Playset’ Fooled Millions Of Idiots Everywhere

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A post has recently gone viral on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram depicting a Fisher Price toy box that is no kitchen playtime. This set, which I wish I had as a kid, was entitled “Happy Hour Playset.” Of course, to reasonable, intelligent people we automatically understand that this is obviously not a children’s play…

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