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Shock Find In Argentina: Nazi Items Used By Hitler Himself (VIDEO)

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There has been a significant discovery of original Nazi memorabilia in Argentina, shocking the world. The huge collection of Nazi pieces was found in a hidden room behind a bookcase in a house in Buenos Aires. Around 75 genuine articles have been found and the collection has many puzzled by how on earth they got there.…

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Strange Scientific Artifact Found In Peru

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A strange alien hand artifact was found in Peru this week. It has three elongated fingers and no thumb. This and other strange characteristics make it obvious that this is not a humanoid. Strange “alien” hand found on the coast of Peru https://t.co/UbIbteliWG #strange pic.twitter.com/KSQMlFWvNA — Nexus Newsfeed (@nexus_newsfeed) December 30, 2016 X-rays of the…

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