Famous Swiss Mountain Climber Dies On Everest

Ueli “The Swiss Machine” Steck is the world’s foremost agile mountain climber. His accomplishments—including his triumph to the north face of the Eiger in the Bernese Alps in under 3 hours and receiving the Piolet D’or (the highest honor in mountaineering) TWICE—speak for themselves.

Last year, Steck was mountaineering on Shishapangma in Tibet, when he came across the corpse of famous climber Alex Lowe and his cameraman David Bridges. Their bodies had been frozen there since they met an avalanche in 1999.

Steck was aware of the consequences of his dangerous passion.

Earlier today, the 40-year-old rock climber was acclimatizing himself on Mount Everest for a much bigger upcoming trek: an 8,850-meter ascension on Everest and Mount Lhotse next month.

Here is what he posted on Facebook about the trip:

“Quick Day from Basecamp up to 7,000m and back. I love it is such a great place here. I still believe in active aclimatisation. This is way more effective then spending nights up in the altitude”

At the 6,600-meter mark, he slid down a slope and took a major hit falling 3,300 feet into a crevasse on Mount Nuptse.

Following the incident, his body was scooped by helicopter and brought to Lukla.

Countless acclaimed mountaineers have come forward and wrote personal condolences for Steck..

His death is Nepal’s first of the year, and 17% of last year’s total damage.

The wave of the mournful has been rippling

Featured image via Facebook


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