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Californian ‘Sisters Of The Valley’ Are The GREENEST Nuns You Will Ever Meet (VIDEO)

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grow weed

There is an unusual commune of ‘Sisters’ on a farm in Merced, California. This is a place where marijuana is being farmed, processed, smoked, and used to produce various products. While these Sisters of the Valley look like traditional Catholic nuns, don’t be fooled by their headwear. They are actually an anti-religious group who follow pre-Christian…

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Florida Criminal Tries To Hide Drug Stash In The Most Ingenious Way Possible (VIDEO)

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30-year-old Omar Palencia, a resident of Davenport, Florida, had an extremely elaborate plan to smuggle drugs into the United States. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Palencia invested $600,000 in crystal meth. This meth was then made into a type of “meth paste” that was plastered all over three pieces of pottery that Palencia…

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Nuclear Waste Trenches And Other Official Schematics For Border Wall Designs

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Alright, everyone. The border wall has officially become a thing. Why? Because the Trump administration has already approached over 400 bidding contractors and provided them with an outline of what the border wall design has to include and has asked them to submit their beginning designs. Among the other blustering and asinine requirements, it has…

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The Simpsons Reviews Trump’s First 100 Days

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The Simpsons are going to do a review of Trump’s first 100 days this weekend. Check out the preview below. First off, the way they have President Donald Trump’s hair moving around his head is hilarious. They also have his trademark darker skin and white around the eyes. The episode begins with a storm brewing around…

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The Jimmy Carter Library Trolls Trump Hard (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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jimmy carter trump

Republicans love to go after former President Jimmy Carter, which is what makes this trolling even more enjoyable. Many consider Carter to be a true Christian. He won a Nobel Peace Prize back in 2002 for his humanitarian work because he’s a decent human being. Unlike President Donald Trump who reeks of white supremacy. Carter even kept his promise…

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Christian Bale Just Made Trump Look Like A FOOL! (VIDEO)

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Terry George’s The Promise, released to American audiences this week, is about a tense love triangle during the Armenian genocide. Christian Bale, playing a reporter of the Associated Press, sat with The Daily Beast recently to promote the film. Neither Bale nor the reporter could get around the startling parallels of Ottoman tyrannical leadership and…

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Top 10 Best Signs From The Science March

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Here are some of the best signs from the science march protests this weekend: Here are some of the best signs from the march for science. — Slate (@Slate) April 24, 2017 Sine game 💯 — Alison Griswold (@alisongriswold) April 22, 2017 "Geez" #ScienceMarch SF — Peter Aldhous (@paldhous) April 22,…

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Gummy Trumps Bring A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase “Eating Your Feelings”

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For many, President Donald Trump’s election to office has brought about feelings of depression, exasperation, and anger. Coincidentally enough, these are the same emotions that lead many people to sink themselves into emotional eating, whereby their emotions are coped with via eating foods that are pleasing to them. This triggers the pleasure centers of the…

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This Geographical Error Could Spark War – Good Job Trump

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With every passing day, the ignorance of Donald Trump becomes more obvious. The man who has somehow managed to become President of the United States has consistently alienated our allies and baffled our friends. He has criticized NATO, and complained about the financial support of our allies in the organization. His ugly rhetoric has upset…

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Crappy Situation: Texas Woman Gets Hand Stuck In The Worst Place Possible (VIDEO)

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We all have bad days. Sometimes, these bad days turn into incredibly embarrassing bad days. One woman in New Caney, Texas had her horrible, terrible, not-so-good day reported online for millions to read about and watch. Gracie Henderson, in an attempt to manually fix a clogged toilet, put her left hand into the bowl. She…

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The Moment Everyone Wants To Throw Their Computer Out A Window

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Couples on social media. Everyone has them: those nauseating people on Facebook that make you thankful for the “unfollow” button. People who are growing up in an era where the word “private” is being replaced with the word “crunk” and the concept of conversation is being replaced with the concept of sexting. Our culture is…

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US Navy SEAL Facing Possible Hard Times For Porn Career (VIDEO)

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Chief Warrant Officer Joseph John Schmidt III, a US Navy SEAL with twenty-three years of service, is currently in dutch because of his second career. Mr. Schmidt moonlights as a porn star. Filmed often in conjunction with his wife, porn starlet Jewels Jade, Mr. Schmidt, 42, has appeared in at least 29 adult videos. What’s…

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#SpicerSpinsMoviePlots Come Too Close For Comfort (TWEETS)

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The hashtag #SpicerSpinsMoviePlots came about after several blunders made by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer during the throes of his job. His job-titled defense of President Donald Trump’s speeches, unedited moments, and candid appearances have brought him to his knees in front of millions on national television with personal meltdowns over truths and the…

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Is Trump Goldmember? Does Trump Want To Ride In The Queen’s Golden Carriage? (VIDEO)

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gold carriage

President Donald Trump has already been forced to delay his visit to the U.K. due to the sheer volume of protests to his proposed visit earlier this year. The delayed visit is now scheduled for October and the logistics are proving difficult. The latest reports say that Trump demanded to ride in the golden carriage with Her Majesty,…

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Trump In A Daze: Melania Has To Elbow Him To Remind Him Of Basic Tradition (VIDEO)

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President Donald Trump is in the news again, and this time it is for being in a daze. It was the Easter celebration at the White House. As the national anthem began, both Melania and Barron dutifully placed their hands on their hearts, as is standard. Trump however was off in his own little world.…

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Outraged Pelican ATTACKS A Drone, Sends It Spiraling To The Ground (VIDEO)

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On March 30, a video quickly spread. With one watch you will be chanting “Duck!” …But it’s not a duck. As Marlin so charmingly put in Finding Nemo, that’s a pelican. The video—filmed on Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica—depicts a pelican not-so-charmingly crashing into a drone camera head on. The drone is quickly jolted…

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Prowler’s Plans Get Spiked With Hilarious Results

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Typically, the police have to go through a bit of effort to nab a criminal for the big arrest. However, for a local police department in Arizona, baggy pants and a spiked fence proved to be two unlikely components of a recent arrest. It all began when a small time crook broke into the grounds…

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Can YOU Guess Who Said It!?

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Let’s play a little game. We’ll call it Versus. The rules are simple: we pit the two craziest people alive against one another in an all-out Twitter comparison to see if you can choose which bottle of crazy the statement belongs in. The rules are simple: read the tweet, then choose which person you believe…

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Illinois Town Solves Its Voting Problem With A Very Odd, Old Trick

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Democracy is supposed to be serious business. Years after the reforms of the Athenian politician Solon, a revolutionary and democratic constitution was ushered in for the Greek citizens of that particular city-state. However, the Greek democracies of the ancient world privileged duties more than rights, and unlike the liberal democracies of today, the census of the…

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7 Times Obama Was Smooth AF

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1. Brushing That Dirt Off His Shoulder 2. That Fist Bump, Though 3. Rockin’ The Aviators 4. Dancing on Ellen 5. Making This Shot 6. Using A Selfie Stick 7. Dancing The Tango   Obama was a great president! Featured image via Twitter.

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British Scientist Blames House Explosion On This Animal (Video)

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Whenever a home goes up in flames, investigators usually sift through the evidence in order to uncover whether arson or mechanical failures were to blame. One year-long case in England is problematizing this standard approach. In Haxby, York, the body of a 63-year-old man named Paul Wilmott was discovered three meters from his house underneath dirt…

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Mayan People Seemed To Love Their Wine – Butt They Drank It In An Odd Way (IMAGES/VIDEO)

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The ancient Mayans contributed a lot to society, including an extensive writing system and their famous calendar. Their day to day life, however, was a bit odd. 1. Children of the Corn When it comes to our origins, there are several theories. For example, some people still believe in creationism. There’s also the Scientology theory,…

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11 Moments To Prove Someone Has A Worse Life Than You

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Sometimes life is awkward. It is littered with moments that convince you that your life is over and you will die of embarrassment right there and then. Fortunately, most of those moments pass and eventually evolve into charming anecdotes you can bore your friends, children, and grandchildren with for years to come. Until that time, while…

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12 Beautifully Pointless Memes Of Trump

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Having almost the entire depository of human learning available in the palm of your hand, it is unsurprising that we are overwhelmed by knowledge and choose to look at cat memes instead. However, since the Donald became POTUS the gods of the internet have turned their hands from our four legged feline friends to the…

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Trump Continues To Parade His Delusional Beliefs In Front Of The Whole World

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If you have been watching Saturday Night Live for as many years as I have, you’ll probably remember the character known as “The Pathological Liar.” Comedian Jon Lovitz played the liar, named Tommy Flanagan. It was hilarious to watch him lie about his own fabulous achievements. One clip from the show featured Tommy Flanagan making a…

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Top 5 Alternative Trump Facts Of The First Sixty Days (VIDEO)

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Is Donald Trump frighteningly delusional, pathologically dishonest, or some combination of the two? We’ll leave the official diagnosis to the professionals, but what’s indisputable is that Trump is allergic to facts of all but the most “alternative” variety. Trump led the “birther” movement against former president Barack Obama, and has been disseminating alternative facts faster…

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White Supremacist Gets Schooled By Muslim Lawyer (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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White supremacists love to use the phrase ‘radical Islam,’ often taking to Twitter to vent out their racism. They also tend to forget about radical Christianity. Not to worry, though. One Muslim lawyer, who was tired of being trolled by these so-called Christians, decided to give them an education. It all started when Qasim Rashid…

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Scarlett Johansson Puts Ivanka Trump On Blast

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The world-famous actress has stepped out in a long line of people who have called out Ivanka Trump on her hypocritical, and silent, stance on women’s rights. While Ivanka was attempting to insinuate that she was “working behind the scenes” with the likes of Planned Parenthood and other organizations who hold women’s rights in high esteem,…

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This Is Not Inter-Species Body Shaming (Video)

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The Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre, near Swindon, England, has seen its fair share of unusual tenants but few have been as popular as their latest resident, Jabba the Hedgehog. Jabba was overfed by someone who picked him up from the wild and has reached three times the weight of the average wild hedgehog.…

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Woman Takes An Unbelievable Selfie At The Exact Moment THIS Happened

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The selfie can be dangerous. There are numerous articles on the internet about teens and twentysomethings getting into trouble thanks to their desire to promote their virtual vanity. One woman in Santa Barbara, California learned the hard way that a selfie does not make you immune to Mother Nature. A 20-year-old Twitter user named @youngweonhi…

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Furry German Animal Dominates At Connect Four

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A coati is an adorable mammal that can be found all across Latin America, from Mexico down to Brazil. A relative of the raccoon, coatis are known for their high intelligence. One coati named Sunny, who currently lives with a private citizen in the German capital of Berlin, certainly proves that theory. According to reports,…

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Our Cup Runneth Over With Priceless Menstrual Cup Tweets

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Menstrual cups used to be a fringe item used by a few women who were perceived to be a bit hippy. Happily, attitudes have changed and this is no longer an unusual way of deal with your monthly visit from Aunt Flo. Of course, as with anything new, learning to use them can be, er, challenging…

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Michael Jackson is Gucci Mane?? (VIDEO)

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Since his 2016 release from prison, countless conspiracy theories have been pitched circulating Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane. Fans immediately noticed something was off about GuWop—he returned 50 pounds thinner, his hair and beard had grown out, his teeth were pearly white, and it seemed as though he had purposely altered his fashion, mannerisms, and speech.…

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Why Did You Fire Brad’s Wife? Is The Question Lighting Up The Internet

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A man named Brad Byrd posted a cryptic question on the Cracker Barrell Store’s Facebook page this week. He simply asked, “Why did you fire my wife?” Suddenly, it took the internet by storm. People all over Twitter and Facebook were asking Cracker Barrell why they fired his wife, Nanette, who had worked there for…

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One Man’s Cosplay Lands Him In Jail – The Joker Isn’t Laughing Now (VIDEO)

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On March 24th, The Joker was spotted in Winchester, Virginia. Citizens of the D.C.-area city were put on edge as the laughing sociopath walked the streets with a cape, mask, and sword. Fortunately, the Winchester Police Department apprehended the comic book villain all on their own. No Batman need apply. As it turned out, “The…

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Frisky Russian Raccoon Develops A New Obsession (VIDEO)

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One zoo in Russia has a very unique problem. The Moscow Zoo claims that a raccoon named Thomas developed an unhealthy obsession with female breasts after taking part in a racy photoshoot. According to a spokesperson for the petting zoo, Thomas’ fetish came after he was “traumatized” by a commercial ad that featuring a topless…

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Extra Charges Apply When You Get Your Pancakes To Go (VIDEO)

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  The police have a difficult job. Day after day, they put their lives and their safety on the line to protect the rest of us from violence, gang activity, drugs. They respond to accidents, to fires, to domestic disturbances. It’s easy to see that the job can become overwhelming.  It makes sense that police officers…

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Could You Swallow A Recycled Beer? Ew! (VIDEO)

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recycled beer

A new beer called Full Circle Pale Ale has just been created and it has a secret ingredient. We have all seen dogs drink from the toilet bowl and sure it looks revolting, but they seem to survive. Well perhaps that could have inspired a San Diego brewer to come up with beer made from recycled…

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Woman On The Loose After A Crime Involving Two Patties And A Bun (VIDEO)

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You don’t need an actual weapon to cause bodily harm. For example, you could use your hands to choke someone or push them up against a wall. You could even kick people with your legs. If none of those tactics work, there’s always cheeseburgers. A recent altercation between a mother and daughter left quite the…

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Gwyneth Paltrow Has An Odd Way Of Deciding What’s On The Menu (VIDEO)

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  When I was a kid growing up in the Boston area, the only people who ever ate octopus were Sicilians like my own family, who ate the seven fishes on Christmas eve. Yum. My Grampa made it steamed and served it with olives and capers. Now almost everyone has tried the seafood delicacy. It’s…

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SATIRE DEBUNKED: The Tickling Bandit Of Texas

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People on social media are breathing a sigh of relief. More specifically, they’re unclenching their butts because a criminal is no longer on the loose. Not just any criminal, though. A butt hole tickler. In December of 2015, fake news site Not Allowed To posted a vague article claiming that a man in Texas had finally been captured.…

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SATIRE: Breaking News About Trump That A Lot Of Us Suspected All Along

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  Twitter, oh, Twitter! Such a fabulous place to share ideas and to point out other people’s insanity. The Huffington Post reports that last weekend the social media site was filled with tweets about Donald Trump. Oh, I know, that part’s not unusual. But Saturday Night Live had used an opening skit that featured the President facing…

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The ‘Lebowski’ Is Back…Kind Of (TWEET/VIDEO)

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Last week, actor John Goodman got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Actor Jeff Bridges reprised his role of “The Dude” from the 1990s classic The Big Lebowski for the event. John Goodman shows how to be a true star on the #HollywoodWalkOfFame — wayneley (@wayneley) March 15, 2017…

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This Deliver Request Has A Restaurant In Dublin Cracking Up (TWEET)

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When it comes to ordering a pizza, many customers have been known to add an interesting extra item to their order with the requests varying in scope and scale. However, one restaurant received an extremely eccentric addition to a food order that might have perhaps raised the bar on requests of this type and nature.…

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Teen Fights Sexist School Dress Code With Unique Message

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One young girl is sticking it to the patriarchy long before she can legally drive a car. Grace Villegas is a 13-year-old from Wichita, Kansas whose middle school teachers didn’t care for a shirt she recently wore. The adults cast dirty glances at the simple top by Charlotte Russe, which naturally made her feel insecure. That’s…

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SATIRE: The Secret Life Of The White House Appliances

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Reporting from a secret break room in the White House. The appliances anonymously sharing what they see every day. The White House appliances see many things. President Obama didn’t need to be spied on, but President Donald Trump is doing shady things. The White House break rooms see all. Kellyanne Conway told on the microwaves,…

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Over 100 People Avoid Paying For Food With This Amazing Dance Move (VIDEO)

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It’s hard to find a great meal that hits the spot. When you do find that scrumptious dish, it’s common knowledge to tip your waiter and pay for your meal. A huge number of people forgot to do that, and they’re in serious trouble with the law. In Spain, more than 100 people decided to…

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Trump’s Defense Behind ‘WireGate’ Claim Is Bizarre (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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Even after gold-star-suck-up Paul Ryan cited that no sort of wiretapping took place, President Trump continues to claim that Obama wiretapped him during some sort of campaign shenanigan moment. He even decided to bring the James Bonds into the picture, potentially setting aflame a very serious foreign policy “mishap.” But, the explanation he has for why…

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This New Perfume Will Make You Irresistible…To Your Hound Dog (VIDEO)

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  We all have those special smells that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Freshly baked bread. Cinnamon and apples. The smell of a baby. Or that special, warm smell of a beloved pet. Maybe you can close your eyes and remember the smell of your old dog when you’d kiss him on the top…

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