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Trump Continues To Parade His Delusional Beliefs In Front Of The Whole World

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If you have been watching Saturday Night Live for as many years as I have, you’ll probably remember the character known as “The Pathological Liar.” Comedian Jon Lovitz played the liar, named Tommy Flanagan. It was hilarious to watch him lie about his own fabulous achievements. One clip from the show featured Tommy Flanagan making a…

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Michael Jackson is Gucci Mane?? (VIDEO)

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Since his 2016 release from prison, countless conspiracy theories have been pitched circulating Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane. Fans immediately noticed something was off about GuWop—he returned 50 pounds thinner, his hair and beard had grown out, his teeth were pearly white, and it seemed as though he had purposely altered his fashion, mannerisms, and speech.…

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SATIRE DEBUNKED: The Tickling Bandit Of Texas

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People on social media are breathing a sigh of relief. More specifically, they’re unclenching their butts because a criminal is no longer on the loose. Not just any criminal, though. A butt hole tickler. In December of 2015, fake news site Not Allowed To posted a vague article claiming that a man in Texas had finally been captured.…

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SATIRE: Breaking News About Trump That A Lot Of Us Suspected All Along

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  Twitter, oh, Twitter! Such a fabulous place to share ideas and to point out other people’s insanity. The Huffington Post reports that last weekend the social media site was filled with tweets about Donald Trump. Oh, I know, that part’s not unusual. But Saturday Night Live had used an opening skit that featured the President facing…

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SATIRE: The Secret Life Of The White House Appliances

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Reporting from a secret break room in the White House. The appliances anonymously sharing what they see every day. The White House appliances see many things. President Obama didn’t need to be spied on, but President Donald Trump is doing shady things. The White House break rooms see all. Kellyanne Conway told on the microwaves,…

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Tit For Tat: Texas State Rep. Wants To Fine Men For Doing What? (VIDEO)

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Texas parody law

In a surprise move, Jessica Farrar, a  Texas State Representative has put forward a law to try and illustrate to men how many women feel about anti-abortion laws. She has put forward a proposal for men to be fined for …ahem… pleasuring themselves. It is of course a joke and a “how would you like it” parody…

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