Idiot Gets Into It With Another Starbucks Customer While Channeling Trump’s Racism

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Racist tirades have become common since President Donald Trump took office. It’s no alternative fact that he’s normalized hate. A recent incident at Starbuck’s, however, shocked even the strongest members of #TheResistance.

White Supremacy

William Boucher is a 23-year-old white man who recently had some coffee spilled on him at Starbuck’s. While this would put even the calmest of individuals in a bad mood, it apparently brought out his inner racist.

After the incident, he turned to a nearby Black man and said:

“You’re disgusting.”

That’s not all, though.

The white supremacist then walked outside and approached another Black man who was filming the whole thing, saying:

“Your children are disposable vermin.”

It gets worse.

As Boucher walked away, another Black man approached him. Boucher looked at him and said:

“Shut up, slave. Do not talk to me.”

Boucher then proceeded to spit at the Black man. As the Black man walks away, Boucher says:

“Get on all fours right now. Do not walk off on two legs.”

He then proceeded to punch a homeless man. Boucher was detained by bystanders until police arrived.

Trump’s America

While Boucher never mentioned Trump in the video, racially charged incidents like this one have become common since he took office. 

There was another coffeehouse incident that involved a white man harassing a Muslim woman; a racist woman at Wal*Mart attacking yet another Muslim woman; and a Trump supporter who lashed out at a Starbuck’s employee for ‘anti-white discrimination.’

Trump may not have invented racism, but he’s certainly normalized it.

Watch the video of Boucher yelling racist comments at Starbucks. 

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via YouTube.

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