Caitlyn Jenner Can’t Handle ‘Hostile’ Conversation On Katy Perry’s Live Stream (VIDEO)

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Katy Perry has been starring in her own version of Big Brother. The pop star has been streaming live footage of her life day and night from Friday June 9 until Monday June 12. The footage has shown her with and without make up, speaking with her therapist, hosting dinner parties, having movie nights, and so much more.

One evening, Perry invited guests from various walks of life – comedian Margaret Cho, TV host Amanda Seales, and Caitlyn Jenner, to name a few.

While Perry hoped it would be a dinner party conversation that would bring insight and understanding, the political conversation soon became heated.

They were each asked to say something about themselves. Jenner introduced herself by saying she was Transgender and Republican and of her coming out she said:

I got more trouble for coming out as a Republican than I did for being trans.

This comment went down like a lead balloon. She then strangely defended Trump by saying:

Trump has been quite good when it comes to trans issues!

This was a particularly weird comment from Jenner because she has used Twitter to vent her frustration with the Trump administration with regards to repealing trans protection laws that Obama had put in place. When explaining why she was a Republican, she said it was because she did not think government should interfere with people’s lives.

This angered Seales who then said to her

You know you’re saying the same thing over again, right?

Jenner responded with:

 I don’t want to talk any more. I think it’s getting hostile.

Seales then tried to explain how different her experience was as an African-American:

I have had NOTHING of similarity to your experience in this country. Literally nothing. It’s an insult to me that you are not listening to what I’m saying. And I’m not hostile — I’m passionate. The reason I am so passionate is that I have had a different experience in this country than you, because as a black woman the government is so much in my life.

Jenner was surprised by Seales emotional speech:

I don’t understand, I just said I believe in this country. And you don’t?

Seales responded directly with:

You can say that in a way that I can’t. This country is here for you. This country hasn’t been here for me in the same way, sis.

This wasn’t the only heated moment at the dinner party, at one stage Margaret Cho, who has famously called out Hollywood’s whitewashing of movie characters, moved away from Jenner and said:

I’m sick of white people.

Jenner has admitted she has considered going into politics herself.

The thing with politics is that so often people can only see things through their own point of view.

Watch Katy Perry speaking with her therapist during the Livestream:


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