Teen Vogue Gives A Shout Out To The Elephant In The Room With A Look At White Male Terrorists (VIDEO)

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Many Republicans are quick to talk about “radical Islamic terrorism.” Yet, they fail to acknowledge the fact that there are white male terrorists as well. There are many cases of white extremists committing terrorism as well.

Teen Vogue recently did an exploration of White male terrorists. They talked about the difference in reaction to Islamic terrorist attacks versus white terrorist attacks. The investigations into these attacks and the terrorist ties just are not as thorough.

The White male terrorists get labeled as “gunmen” instead of terrorists. It’s the practice of “racial grammar,” which is:

“Racial grammar is what is spoken, argued, transacted. These three processes create ‘deep structures’ and the ‘logic of rules’ of racial ideology and racial statements. As such, racial grammar is acquired from outside of the self, through social interactions and communication. Because racial grammar is a social construct, it also renders itself to malleability, meaning that it is not a fixed concept.”

There is still the question: Who or what is radicalizing these white extremists?

Who radicalized Dylann Roof, the man who killed nine people in Charleston? He wrote about White supremacy and other racist ideologies on his website. We must deal with the reality of White extremists as well as the Muslim jihadists. We must find the source of their radicalization.

Here is a news clip about the issue:

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