BUSTED: Producer To Trick Women Into Sex Going To Prison For 10 Years

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A 34-year old man named Mario Antoine from Missouri is set to face 10 years in jail after admitting that he tricked women into having sex with him making them believe that they were auditioning to become a porn star.

According to Buzzfeed, Antoine, a former wedding photographer in Raymore was able to con at least 6 women into having an intercourse with him, he promised them a chance to start in pornography and a certain amount of payment for the “sex” totaling to $1.5 million.

He did the ruse by creating several online aliases and posed as manager, talent agent, a photographer and other positions for his fake porn companies having names like “Playboy Asia” and “Playboy Worldwide.”

As a push to the look of the legitimacy of his “companies” he even had forged Department of Homeland Security and IRS document.

The girls he had sex with got nothing, not even a single cent of the thousands of dollars he promised them.

Instead, Antoine even went to such lengths as sending images of some of the women, no doubt those that were bothering him to pay them, to employers and partners.

He wrote, “All you’re gonna be known is as the dude who has a porn star girlfriend,” to the boyfriend of one of the ladies.

As a part of a plea agreement, he confessed to his crime and pleaded guilty on Friday. He was charged with 21 counts in federal court, ranging from wire fraud to cyberstalking and extortion.

Here’s what the statement from the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Missouri stated:

“Under the terms of today’s plea agreement, Antoine will be sentenced to 10 years in federal prison without parole and must pay restitution to his victims.”


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