Woman Finds Unusual Surprise In Mailbox

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A woman in rural Kentucky was shocked when she opened her mailbox expecting a delivery, but found an unusual yet heartbreaking surprise instead.

Instead of a letter or a package, she found a frightened and scared guinea pig. The tan and white female rodent was left in the box with no food or water, but looked relatively healthy considering the ordeal she went through.

The woman who found her called the Lyon County Sheriff’s office who collected the guinea pig, and turned it into the Emporia

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Animal Shelter. Shelter staff have been taking care of her since, and have named her “Rosita” due to her piercing red eyes.

As for Rosita’s previous owner, a subsequent police investigation managed to track down a seperate woman, who admitted to the Wichita Eagle that she was no longer able to care for Rosita, and left her in the mailbox. Charges are currently pending, and the same woman is also suspected of abandoning two other guinea pigs in the woods. The suspect and the woman who found Rosita in her mailbox reportedly do not know each other, but it’s very fortunate that Rosita was found and given a new lease on life.

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